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Palabra [Version 2.0]

An application not only for foreign languages learning support.

The best when you work at the computer and you would like in the meantime to learn new words efficiently, then you are in the right place. Palabra will be asking you subsequently from a desired topic and choose best repetition schema depending on your current knowledge level. You won't have be worried about anything, just load a lesson and setup Palabra to run at the system startup. Then it will automatically start questioning you after certain (defined by you) amount of time. You will decide when to make a break. And questions to be asked can be edited easily at any time. You have for your disposal a very efficient but still easy to use lesson editor, which allow you to create and edit lessons in no time. If you already have some lessons prepared by you prior to finding Palabra, for example in Excel format, then you can it import and convert to Palabra lesson format with no problem.

Palabra features:
- multiple lessons management,
- efficient and easy to use lesson editor,
- ergonomic pop-up window for questioning,
- intelligent repetition system maximizing learning efficiency,
- smart popup timing algorithm to minimize annoyance,
- possibility to import and export from and to Excel,
- multilanguage user interface,
- possibility to add own user interface versions,
- lessons stored in XML format,
- convinient install program,
- cooperation with portable memory storages
To learn more follow section with detailed description of Palabra.

Application type: windows application
Version: 2.0
Size: 788 KB (735KB Zip file)
Requirements: .NET Framework 2.0 or higher


Sample lessons files are available in section Learning Resources.
Status: These tools are FREE for non-commercial use. Thanks in advance for any financial support.


Older versions

Commercial use

If you want to know more about licensing Palabra for commercial use, please, proceed to Licensing section.

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