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The new updated SubCreator [Version 1.4]

Program type: Win32 application
Size:   1.18MB
Platform: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
Requirements: Windows installed,
Codecs required to play movies selected by you.
Status: FREEWARE but any donations are highly appreciated :)


What's new this version

  1. Improved movie playback. Direct Show support added.
  2. Added Windows installer (MSI).
  3. Added MPL2 subtitle format support.
  4. Corrected Adjust Durations action.
  5. Replaced Select All keyboard shortcut to a standard Ctrl+A.
  6. Better control over the very short durations of lines.
  7. Help system converted to a HTML (runs on Windows 7).
  8. Fixed saving unsaved data when closing SubCreator.
  9. Simplified storing default location of movies and scripts.
  10. Time edit control allows pasting time (accepts different time formats).
  11. Corrected line swapping action issues.
  12. Replace dialog wasn't accepting replacement into an empty string. Fixed.
  13. Improved visual appearance of the main application window.


WinLogoSmall Windows installer
Latest version of Subcreator (
Release date: 2011-12-11

Here you can download ancient versions of SubCreator

Installation procedure

Zipped package contains an MSI installer file. Run it to start installing SubCreator.
Go to the Details page to read more on SubCreator.
If you found a bug in the SubCreator you may report it here.

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