So far all my software is FREE and would like it to remain FREE. Many long hours of hard work have gone into the development of the software as well as into maintaining of the Radioactive Pages web site. Therefore any donations which you might be willing to make would be greatly appreciated. This would help me to pay cost connected with site maintenance, allow me to purchase development tools and hardware. What more, this could probably motivate me to offset more time to this kind of over-time hobby.

If you find that the any of mine software shared to you is useful, or if you simply wish to encourage further development by making a financial contribution, then please make a donation (in any amount) to me, Radek Strugalski through Kagi payment service.
Note that you are paying not for the software itself. It really is a donation and I am afraid that in exchange I cannot offer anything more than I already do besides my gratitude and promise that I will try and apply everything I get to develop and constantly improve my tools. I try my best with answering emails and checking out bugs. However, I cannot assure you I will answer all your questions.

Remember, all my software (that is so far: SubCreator, AsfBin, Palabra and BinVote) remain a freeware applications regardless of your decision to donate. You are neither required nor obligated, legally or morally, to donate in order to use the programs, and contribution is strictly voluntary.


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