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Radioactive Audio is a sister project that has its roots in, that was created by me in year 2001 and which is very popular for the free multimedia processing software I created and published there.

This project is a small innovative startup, established in year 2013. Its main goal is to design and build audio equipment that meets three most important conditions: reliability of the construction, highest quality of audio signal processing and keeping the price at reasonable levels by choosing technologies and components right to the task.

Radon 222 is the first from the series of headphone amplifiers. Its design is based on many years of my experience in building audio amplifiers, experimentation with components as well as robust and ergonomic casing. Its main attributes are amazing sound detail and hi-end sound fidelity which manifests itself as silky but rich sound making long hours of listening just a sheer pleasure.

Radek Strugalski

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