[7/27/2014]Hi-End headphone amplifier Radon 222 is ready!
From a prototype to a final version!
It took me an entire year to work on the optimisation of the project. Starting from a very careful design of PCB, through design of the case toward the final product. Then selection of parts suppliers, long search for aluminium case maker, through assembly of cases and electronics, testing and final optimization. But it was worth it!
Now available to purchase
Main features and improvements since prototype:
  • Full Dual Mono architecture 2x8W (2x2.3W operating in pure class A). This is the only solution that allows for proper ground topology when using Phono outputs.
  • Symmetry across all PCBs along with uncompromised ground paths topology which made possible decreasing the noise and power line hum to inaudible levels.
  • Improved power supply and added surface mounted high class ceramic capacitors to improve impulse response throughout the entire signal path.
  • All connectors and relays used in a signal path are duplicated to decrease distortions and improve damping factor.
  • Maximum load resistance 20Ω (output voltage p-to-p ±10V, THD <0.01%
  • Harmonic distortions (THD) <0.0003%
  • Intermodulation distorions (IMD) <0.0033%
For more information please visit Audio section.
[3/10/2013]New project - old passion: A Headphone Amplifier
Before end of the year I decided to take a short break from coding and came back to my old and the most important hobby - electronics, which I was dealing with already before I was able to read.;)
In just 8 weeks I have made a design and built from scratch a prototype Hi-End headphone amplifier. I was starting just from bare materials like wood, aluminium and of course a pile of electronic parts and rolls of wires.
I wanted to check the design and start with production in case parameters are promisingly good.
[1/31/2012]A few improvements to AsfBin
New version - of AsfBin is out!
What's in this version?
  • Improved precision of resulting file duration when joining many files together.
  • Added support for UTF-8 text files when importing markers, scripts and attributes. With this improvement any languages like e.g. Japanese, Arabic can be used when adding markers, scripts or when setting file attributes.
  • AsfBin can fix files that were having incorrect entries in the metadata object preventing it from playing by major video players.
The latest AsfBin command line tool can be found as usually here.
The window version is going to be released shortly.
[12/11/2011]After 9 years of silence - New SubCreator is out!!!
SubCreator icon
Finally great news not only for hardcore users.
SubCreator version 1.4 is ready for downloads!
As planned this is an updated version of SubCreator with lots of improvements and fixes.
These are amongst others:
  • Improved movie playback. Now playing through DirectShow Enhanced Video Renderer as default.
  • Added MPL2 subtitle format support.
  • Easy to use installer added.
  • Help system converted to a HTML help to make it working under Windows 7.
  • Improved visual appearance of the main application window.
  • Lots of bug fixes around processing subtitles and general functionality.
More on new version of SubCreator can be found in the SubCreator section.
[8/16/2011]New asfbin without the "Human Test"
I have received a critial feedback on the "human test" I had introduced in the previous vesion of Asfbin to mitigate some cases of it being overused as a slave worker to some so called "GUI" tools. This was mostly around cases when legitimate non-commecial users had problems with running in batch processing mode.
Therefore I decided to get rid of this test completely.
This version also contains a fix for the out-of-memory issue when processing files over 2GB in size having a script command stream in it.
The new AsfBin release can be found in the AsfBin section.
[12/20/2010]Merry Christmas to All!
This year Christmas Tree will be full of presents: All versions of AsfBin (Command line, Windows and Linux) with the latest updates and hopefully running with no major glitches. This build fixes recently discovered by me issue when processing audio files or files resulting will only audio streams in output.
The latest AsfBin releases can be found in the AsfBin section.
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